Friv football

Play online Friv football. The game “Football Heads 2” – a great football game for two! Are you tired of the usual games of football? So it’s time for football heads. In this form of football only two rivals compete – big heads with one leg. They know how to run, jump and even beat the ball like real football players. Take part in the European Championships and try to win! Select the command and start the game. So, in the game you will play for one head, and your opponent will have a different head. You can hit the ball with your foot or with your head. There are only two heads on the field and each player has his own goal. As in real football, you need to score more goals in the opponent’s goal, before the time runs out. You can play both in the championship mode, and in the mode for two. Try to compete with your friend, who will be the best player in football heads? Start playing and find out!

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