Friv Pony

Friv Pony – play online. Only today you will be able to play one very interesting game, where the main role will be all known pony princess Luna. The field of how she has once again become kind and no longer brings evil to Equestria, the moon always helps her sister. Today in Ponyville there will be a grandiose celebration at which each of the ponies should boast of its new outfit. But Princess Luna is not ready and does not know what to wear. You have to help the sweet pony and pick up the most beautiful outfit for her. So, let’s begin. before you on both sides will be located small menus, clicking on them you take turns to change the appearance of Luni, until the image you do not like. Try to pick everything up with taste, because at the holiday all the ponies will be very well dressed, and the Moon should not be left behind.

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