Give up 2 unblocked

Give up 2 unblocked is a nice game. The blue little man does not eat away at hopelessness 2, since the hope to get out of the deadly maze does not leave him. The maze is a set of connected rooms, which are full of deadly traps – poisonous spikes, laser guns, invisible walls, collapsing bricks. No matter how little you run around the rooms, the result is still the same – getting into a room with even more danger. But our guy in the maze has gained one invaluable ability. He became immortal, more precisely mortal, who is able to pass through reincarnation after death. Whatever trouble you have with him, you still have to go back to the beginning. In front of the poor fellow there are electric fields, moving circular saws, running rhinos, guns with self-guided cartridges, streams of fire, beating from the surface of the platforms. Over time, boiling lava pools, flying mice, laser beams arising from emptiness, spinning axes and special buttons, which are pressed to open compartments with unpleasant surprises, will be added here over time. If the psyche is all right, then this game is ideal for testing dexterity, but otherwise you should not even try to reach the final!

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