Hanger 2 unblocked

Check the Hanger 2 unblocked game here. What is Hanger 2? This is a brutal game for everyone who dares to end his life at the very bottom of the cliff, or hurt himself to death on a rock. You travel underground, clinging to the arches of caves. There is enough light here, no flashlights or torches are required, but there is no ground under your feet. Of course, there are lone peaks protruding from somewhere in the bottomless abyss, but all this will not help to get closer to what you want. Somewhere in the distance, a white beam of light shimmers, taking you to the next level of caves. And the very last passage, perhaps, will lead to something amazing. Treasures hidden deep in the rock are the subject of your hunt. How to move if there is no way for the legs? Drive with your hands, hurling ropes with hooks. They crash into the rocky ceiling, and you can sway further, feeling like a human spider. So much time passes, and you try not to touch any corners and protrusions. If you encounter an obstacle at high speed, you will surely break something for yourself, or even break your leg and arm completely. The consequences can be fatal. Oddly enough, even if, after another failure, you only have one arm and head, dangling on half of the body, you can still continue to play.

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