Hex empire unblocked

Play online Hex empire unblocked game. Is the challenge possible to conquer the world? Many great rulers tried to do this. Genghis Khan, Napoleon, and then Hitler – all were defeated, in spite of self-confidence, cunning maneuvers and unexpected tactical moves. Who will now try to embody such a meaningful task – a loser, or a winner? The conquest of the world becomes your primary task, and no one else can be distracted by anything else. Learn to correctly calculate the moves, observing the correct positions day after day. Arrange troops for defense, attack, gradually expanding the boundaries of their influence. Together with you, they are trying to divide the map into three other great countries. Each of them represents a great threat, and can become a serious contender. The parties never enter into an alliance with each other, and fight solely for themselves, so you can not even dream about peace treaties. But to be under the siege of two armies at once – this can easily happen at any time, if you are not careful. All cities you conquered constantly bring population growth, that is, your soldiers become more. This is the main tactic of promotion. Extend your influence.

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