Into space 2 unblocked

The old engineer received the use of a new platform for launching rockets into space 2. Try the Into space 2 unblocked for free. He was given the condition to design an aircraft with separable steps, a roomy fuel tank and a solid nose section. Usually the government didn’t approach such a scrupulous approach to setting the tasks, which intrigued the former cosmonaut. Uncle went deep into the study of the drawings, made adjustments, made new accurate calculations. There could be no mistakes – they planned to send the expedition to Mars, moreover, in a short time, because there, according to scientists, existed the beginnings of extraterrestrial life. The red planet beckoned and pulled, but the scientist, aware of the experience of previous mistakes, wanted to make several experimental launches in order to make sure that the design of the rocket was reliable. The creator had a blank check for the purchase of any supplement, provided that he would send reports every day, in which he noted a systematic increase in flight height by at least one meter. In stock you can get the shank, nose, blades, turbines, accelerator and other useful items. It is interesting to know what difficulties the designer is facing during the actual tests of his own child?

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