Into space unblocked

Play online and free the Into space unblocked game. Being a scientist is interesting and useful. You not only can know the world, but make revolutionary discoveries, but also earn a lot of money from it. Not to mention the practical use of their knowledge. One old man, for example, is able to assemble a rocket from improvised means, right in his yard. That is why a rich businessman addressed him, asking him to do this kind of work. Send a homemade machine forward into space, and hope for the success of the mission. The higher your rocket takes off, the more money you will receive later, as a reward. Of course, especially high-quality materials and parts in my garage can not be found, even if you are a respected professor. All this requires resources that have yet to buy, earn. Do not give up after failures, because there will be a lot of them. In fact, every launch here will end with a rocket falling down into the courtyard. This is due to a small fuel reserve and insufficient engine power. And first of all – the mechanics of the game. You should try to reach the maximum height, constantly buying improvements, and collecting additional bonuses as you fly.

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