Johnny upgrade unblocked

Johnny is not one of those superheroes who got their unreal abilities at birth. Play Johnny upgrade unblocked game online. This guy has achieved everything and learned everything by himself. At first, he was clumsy, slow, weak, unable to stand up for himself. But as he earned money, he began to jump higher, run farther, respond less to the blows of fate. After passing the course of extreme training, he no longer feared sharp spikes, falls from a height, forgot about the danger borne by lasers, crushing platforms, cruel robots. Having acquired the double-jump skill, Johnny thought that on that epic adventure quest would stop, but suddenly an intergalactic blaster fell into his hands, capable of crushing any robot with one shot. Ahead was meeting a giant alien boss who possessed the most formidable weapon in the universe. The fight with artificial intelligence for the newly appeared superhero will resemble a chess game where you need to find a gap in the defense of your opponent. The best option to defeat the boss will be a full upgrade of all existing abilities!

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