Kawairun 2 unblocked

Kawairun 2 unblocked – this is an extremely unusual match, during which you will run through different zones. Village, caves, forest or urban spaces – each time it will be a run with obstacles. Kawai wounds are extremely dangerous. And although you do not lose your life along the way, you can easily hurt yourself, or you can even be crippled easily. No joke, crashing into a tree at full speed, or stumble upon sharp stone spikes, stumbling into a cave. This is the test of the spirit, and the training of the body. Here you must develop unprecedented endurance, as well as reaction and agility. Each barrier can be completed in only one way. Puddles and hemp have to jump. Carts standing in the way and protruding over the road branches must be passed, gliding along the ground below them. Sometimes you have to linger in a jump, and sometimes slip is not enough, so you will have to roll, breaking obstacles in front of you. Kawai wounds will give you as many attempts as you like, but you can’t be wrong here. One single mistake, and all – you will be returned to the very beginning of the level. There is a multiplayer mode in the game in which you can compete with other players. There is also a survival mode in which running will never end literally, because there is simply no finish line.

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