Kingdom rush unblocked

The Kingdom rush unblocked is a nice game. Not so simple thing – the defense of the kingdom. Especially in conditions of limited resources, this work will be able to do only by the most competent generals. Enemies are coming from the north, and you must build defenses to hold them back. Hordes of the most different monsters will advance day by day. What is in your arsenal? It’s best to start with barracks. A couple of strong warriors in the path of an enemy will be able to delay his progress for a long time. In the meantime, the soldiers keep the line, the other turrets will shoot the enemy from a distance. There are three types of long-distance towers. Starting from the second stage, you can improve each of them, increasing its attack power. When the influx of enemies is too great, it’s time to use magic. A pair of spells never hurts, especially if they can be used to easily break the enemy line. Use the challenge of reinforcement, if your own soldiers began to take positions. This magic will cause a couple more guys to total. And meteor shower will be a decisive force in battle. He falls from the sky, destroying monsters for a couple of moments. Try to build towers along the entire length of the path. Thus, they will have more time, and sense in the end.

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