Mirror’s edge unblocked

Meet the free and online game – Mirror’s edge unblocked. This girl has no obstacles in the world. If there is a house, then you can climb it. You can crawl or walk on an iron beam. Any mirror edges of monumental skyscrapers can be used as a means for a new push or for a smooth descent to the lower floor. In any opening, you can climb, if you properly accelerate, and then get hooked in time for rolling. Why do we need such attempts in this dystopian future? The fact is that all the means of communication were taken over by the authorities, who wanted to control the citizens in all aspects, from telephone communication to surfing the Internet. Runners have become a means of transmitting data that should not have fallen into the hands of brazen and corrupt law enforcement agencies. The main character needs to collect elements for the minimum amount of time, read the tips from the scrolls, find bags hidden in secret places. Dangerous stunts, dizzying jumps, breathtaking descents – this is what gives freedom of action and allows you to free the mind. For some, running around on the rooftops is insane, but in the future future it is a lifestyle that provides freedom of speech and thought!

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