Moto x3m 3 unblocked

Extreme motorcycle racer is back in business. In Moto x3m 3 unblocked the guy is back to conquer new heights of dangerous motorcycle entertainment. Moto Extreme 3 does not promise the daredevil anything normal, because you have to drive through abandoned caves with magma flowing to the surface, the coast with traps set apart, along mountain ranges where it is easier to fall into the abyss than pushing the bike’s braking handle. Only our rider can use the roofs of someone’s homes as a springboard, only he enters the tube, not slowing down, to crank several dizzying flips in the air. The brave man does not stop in front of the boxes with trinitrotoluene or, in other words, explosives. He uses every opportunity to increase the level of adrenaline in the blood. Risk to life for a motorcyclist is the norm, because he is ready for the record on crazy heroic feats. Flip-flops in flight and stand on one wheel of a motorcycle is not a way of self-expression – so the dude shortens the time used for passing the track!

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