My friend Pedro unblocked

Play online My friend Pedro unblocked game. My friend Pedro is a story about a dude who abused coffee with some kind of white powder. The peasant pulled for a sweet, but when he reached for a banana, the exotic fruit suddenly spoke. The fruit called for the abolition of gut disease for the sake of a more important life goal – a showdown with bandits. A coffee lover is not weakly so nagreblo, because literally in a moment all the criminals of the country appeared around him, and the villains had a weapon and the desire to dunk somebody. No sooner had the main character come to his senses, but he already had a superpower to slow down time, as if Max Payne or Neo, dodging bullets. In such a scenario, doing good has become much easier, especially with a pistol, which somehow inexplicably appeared in the palm of your hand. Banana Pedro revealed to his friend another couple of distemper opportunities: a jump to a great height with a rebound from the wall, an agile somersault and the ability to shoot with both hands with the same accuracy. What the banana did not tell a friend about the total armament of all the Likhodeans, and the farther into the forest, the steeper the machines!

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