Parking mania unblocked

The Parking mania unblocked is an interesting game. In this funny game you need to stop the electric car at a special point corresponding to the color of the toy car’s body. But parking for electric cars would be uninteresting if there were not a number of difficulties. On the playing field, resembling a chessboard, there are two blue and two red cars. They have one interesting feature – the lack of a brake button on the control panel. The miniature race stops only in a direct collision with an obstacle, and begins to go when you press the start button. Therefore, it is possible to put a car in the right place only after completing certain maneuvers, and each of them must be reasonable and thought out beforehand, otherwise the whole chain of movements will lead to failure as a result due to an error. The trick is that you need to prop up other cars with cars until they each appear in their place. This is something remotely reminiscent of a rally in chess, when you need to put pieces in certain places to win over an opponent. The task is complicated by a ticking timer, which is why any delay can destroy the player’s cunning plan in the very final, when the last car has to do the final maneuver!

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