Potty racers 2 unblocked

Nice an funny game – Potty racers 2 unblocked. How can air combat with an enemy be won if you don’t have even the flimsiest plane? Your fighter crashed while you were unharmed, having catapulted in time. The parachute carried the pilot near the village house, and there he gradually came to his senses, reflecting on further prospects. The fight with the enemy is not over yet, and beautiful revenge is planned ahead. But to get to the place of the fighting will have on anything. You are famous not only for being able to fly anything with wings, but also for being able to assemble it. And here in the village there was such an excellent bio-toilet! It is ridiculous to think, but in fact you can build from it the cabin of the new aircraft. Then you attach wings, stabilizers, wheels, fasten the engine, and forward – again to the clouds. True details are expensive, but you have to spend points earned by past unsuccessful attempts. The shop is full of improvements that will help to overcome all the distance. Soak over the sea one more time, so that your foe would be not only frightened, but extremely shocked by what he saw. Enemy pilots must fall into a stupor, or at least burst with laughter at the sight of such an absurd threat.

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