Potty racers 3 unblocked

Play online the amazing game Potty racers 3 unblocked. Who likes to ride, or rather fly? It would be foolish to try to build a suitable aircraft yourself, and immediately test it personally, siganuv from a cliff into the sea. It is no secret that this would have ended in the inevitable death of the tester’s grief. But in games everything is much simpler, and a character who just drowned in the sea can try his luck again, as if having risen from the dead. So do not hesitate for a second, and begin our amazing adventure. The guy is very strange, since he chose not some plane, a hang-glider, or at least a car with wings for his flight. This is an ordinary biotoilet. The toilet racer is something completely ridiculous, but soon you will see for yourself that this large plastic box with wheels floats perfectly in the sky. Of course, this will require tricky fixtures, mechanisms, upgrades, and of course a lot of luck. It is especially important, because the game provides you with a lot of useful bonuses. For example, if in flight you encounter a fiery clot, it will push you even higher, with tremendous speed. And then there may be another one, and even more. Some of these wonderful lights are capable of guiding a cunning aircraft further than any of its sophisticated engines.

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