Potty racers unblocked

Play online Potty racers unblocked game. Many of us like speed. Just get behind the wheel of your favorite car, and rush to wherever you look, regardless of rain or storm, but vice versa – merging with the hurricane wind. Let the storm drive such desperate brave men. But this guy, although he joins the ranks of such riders, his choice of transport is very strange. Before you appears a toilet racer that is going to repeatedly descend from a high hill, sitting in the booth of a dry closet. He equipped her with wheels, and for now that is enough. A strange unit is gaining acceleration, sweeping down, and then soars upward, not for long. At the end of this path, he is awaited only by a fall from a cliff, a few low jumps on the shock-absorbing wheels, and a boring end to the race. Try to turn this fun into a really spectacular show. To do this, you will have to purchase many more useful parts of your strange machine. Replace the wheels so that the toilet racer can gain great speed. Add a couple of pipes – a jet acceleration system. In general, there are enough improvements available. Buy at least all of them, if only you have enough points for this in the process of driving. The more distance you travel the more you get.

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