Rage 3 unblocked

Play online Rage 3 unblocked game. Rage can accumulate. And when it rushes out of your heart, grief to everyone who gets in the way. Like a fiery storm, she will sweep away the enemies, scattering their bodies everywhere. Rage can be a very useful thing if you really need to take part in a large-scale battle. There is no need to pity others. There is no need to think how much they deserve such treatment. Just take a stick, or any weapon you can beat. Squeezing it in your hand, it is easy to argue any dissent. Beat him that there is strength, while the breathless opponent does not fall in front of your feet. But just keep in mind that first of all they will try to harm you. Rage will gradually grow inside the hero until he wants to take full advantage of it. And then the victory will inevitably remain on the side of your black man. His enemies are usually painted in other colors, so it will be impossible to mix them with friends. There are simply no friendly people here. Walk along the enemy base, bringing with you a lot of destruction. The ability to collect new types of guns, blades and clubs makes the fight more varied. You most often have a choice between long-range trunks, or brute force cold weapons.

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