Riddle school unblocked

The Riddle school unblocked game is very popular. Baldi angry math teacher 2 leaves schoolchildren for extra classes for correctional purposes. The daring teacher likes teenagers to sit at school until deep darkness under lock and key. He does not care that the children do not see the white light and spends all his free time in the audience, while youth passes by. One of the guys decided to make an escape, or rather get out of captivity, using legal methods. Bribing a sneak, calming high school students, rendering a positive impression on other teachers – these tools are good when you have at least a dime in your pocket. Our hero doesn’t have pocket money at all, but have that dollar, you could bribe a local ruffian or provide all possible help to a janitor. The boy is simply obliged to dump from the educational institution on such a beautiful day, so in his head he drew himself a cunning plan for leaving the door through the main entrance. Help the bastard solve simple problems so that he can complete his quest and give his due to the hated math.

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