Sift heads unblocked

Sift Heads unblocked has gained popularity among gamers around the world, thanks to its unusual graphics and intricate plot. In it, the player will manage three dangerous thugs, each of whom has a unique history. The game primarily positions itself as a shooter, with the ability to constantly explore new weapons and use them, taking into account the characteristics of the characters.

For example, the leader of this mafia family named Winnie shoots a gunshot perfectly, and Shorty is able to hit the target from a long distance, as it has amazing accuracy. All the thugs are professionals in their field.

So, the release of the first game entailed others, and as a result a whole series appeared Sift Heads World act. Now all the new parts appear regularly, in each of which you can observe some unique functions in contrast to the previous ones. Unchanged remain only the characters themselves, who managed to catch the fancy of gamers and who deserved a separate category for boys thugs.

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