Skull kid unblocked

Play free and online Skull kid unblocked game. On the eve of Halloween, the director of one of the colleges received the threat of life. Fat-cat litter produced solid money from the parents of the children who studied, resorted to violent methods of education, laundered money. Sooner or later, the punishment had to follow the punishment for such a lifestyle, so the manager hired certified security guards to protect his overfed carcass, paid mercenaries, and began to sit back imposingly in the office, waiting for an hour of retribution. On the lower floor of the building teenagers circled in various awesome outfits, and among them, with a chainsaw in their hands, was the killer in a skull mask. The guy hid his face and carried a heavy weapon that attracted less attention than a penknife or a firearm. After passing through the detectors, the youngster proceeded to the toilet, where he hid in advance a canister with gasoline, from which the saw instantly set in motion. The criminal began to cut the most hated teachers, including the Physical Supervisor and the Trudovik, who were the most tormented by his students. The cunning plan of the cruel sadist was to select a pistol from one of the guards, in order to use it later when passing through the corridor with mercenaries armed to the teeth.

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