Stick war unblocked

Play Stick war unblocked game online. From time immemorial people started bloody wars. It is unlikely that there once existed a ruler that would not want more power and wealth. In ancient times, all justice was administered solely with hot steel, and disputes were resolved in battles. Become one of the warlords, and lead your people to glory, conquering all the new lands. On your way your troops will meet many other generals with their armies, so much blood will be shed. The war of the little men tells how many different types of weapons and tribes existed in antiquity. According to the plot of the game, each country here preached their faith, and its subjects used their own weapons. Someone wielded sharp swords, it was easier for someone to shoot opponents from a bow, while others preferred to use powerful magic spells. The war of the little men will continue until you take over all the surrounding lands. The principle of battle is quite simple. Each side has a huge monument – a statue that replaces the main base. It must be protected, by all means. And the enemy base should be demolished, sending new and new soldiers to it. Their training will require a lot of resources, so first of all, attend to new gold miners.

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