Street fighter 2 unblocked

The street fighter unblocked of 2 rounds never fights, give him 3 face-to-face meetings so that there is no chance for a draw. This story is about the great karateka Riu, who is facing a fight with a representative of the Thai school of boxing Sagat. A first-class Muay Thai is half the trouble, because the enemy is unrealistically charged, pumped up, you can break logs on his muscular tall body. Although no, it is he who breaks the logs with one stroke of the lower leg, and he can crush his head with his elbows. Knees Sagat pounding extremely hard, his technique is designed to kill, or at least cripple athletes. Therefore, Riu will have hard times. The Thai series are one-sided, but so productive that lives fly away faster than snow melts when the rays of the sizzling sun hit. These guys are trained to throw streams of air and flame, that is, they are very close to the forces of nature, and their epic confrontation is holding the fate, which allowed the two best fighters to determine which of them is fighting better. Combinations of arms and legs in different tiers – head, body, hips – will force the opponent to unfold, but at the same time it is worth waiting for a counterattack from him!

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