Strike force heroes 2 unblocked

Play Strike force heroes 2 unblocked game online. Welcome to an unknown orbital station. She was spotted near Earth a couple of days ago, and immediately caused a multitude of questions and concerns. Of course, the object immediately went to explore. The heroes of shock squad 2 penetrated inside, immediately detecting problems in the systems. Something like repairing equipment, and starting to understand the situation, you were immediately attacked by the enemy. Alien soldiers took as if from nowhere, arranging an explosion, and attacking. Apparently, not only your superiors want to tidy up the station hands. The battle for it is just beginning, and it is unlikely that you will find a common language with your opponents. Here everything will be decided in the course of negotiations on automatic machines, and machine-gun bursts will replace words. Survive yourself, by all means. Even if all friends die, there must always be at least one warrior on the side of good. Try to exterminate as many strangers as possible. Get new weapons, look for first-aid kits. In a word, start active resistance to the enemy forces, and show what the heroes of Shock Detachment 2 are capable of. Moving from one mission to another, you will improve your killer skills and gradually figure out the causes of all the events.

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