Strike force heroes unblocked

You can play online Strike force heroes unblocked game here. You quietly engaged in research in your laboratory when suddenly these strange soldiers came from nowhere. Who sent them, and what are the missions of the enemy fighters – you will find out in the process of escape. In the meantime, you should take away the legs. As soon as you had time to breathe a little, and the explosions behind your back subsided, the events began to clear up in my head. Well, of course, what else can a foe need, if not your secret development, formulas. And since the heroes of the shock squad have already died the death of the brave, now you yourself will have to defend your own good, and help the occasional help to kill the enemies. Still, your cursory military training was not in vain. Without it to work in such dangerous places just does not take. And now it is clear why this is such a strict requirement. The authorities need to any scientist like you, could stand up for themselves, and even plow the enemy. Collect weapons, ammo to him. The base has become a complex maze. Some places are closed, and you have to use special loopholes, such as ventilation. Jumps for long distances are also available to you, although there is a danger of damaging the legs with such tricks. Although the forces are gradually restored. That’s what your newest drugs are for.

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