Strike force kitty 3 unblocked

Strike force kitty 3 unblocked is very interesting game. The paradox of the fox’s pretense is that these insidious creatures, endowed with a naturally red color, love to win. In the final battle with the kittens, a disastrous fiasco awaited them, but this did not at all pacify the fervor of the evil fox leader. The king persuaded the forest raccoons to unite the cat brethren, disguised as outfits for the fight. Playful raccoons everywhere got used to popping their baleen noses, tenacious legs, thick tails, so a new carnage begins in front of the castle of the newly elected feline king. The strike squad of kittens comes out on the field: the last battle promises to be the most epic, because the fight goes on without stopping, just manage to change your siblings into depressed clothes and carry out improvements in a timely manner. This time, not only lovers of knightly fights will meet in the army, but also wizards, gunners, samurai, athletes, superheroes and ordinary laborers with montirovki. Fortunately for the defenders, doctors with stretchers very quickly take out the wounded to the castle for first aid, and the heroes will no longer have to go to the gym, because after the previous victory they became masters of all types of martial arts.

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