Strike force kitty unblocked

Do you think chanterelles are better than cats? This is not true, and you should always be on the side of good old home friends. Play Strike force kitty unblocked online. Just because their forest counterparts are very different treachery. They are ready to go to any meanness, just to achieve the championship, and gladly commit a crime. Foxes from the neighboring kingdom kidnapped the princess, and the king of cats was forced to take action. He found four brave warriors who will not surrender to anything, and will punish attackers, even if you have to give up their own lives. The shock squad of kittens consists of professionals, where each animal is trained in combat skills. You will have to walk through the territory of the enemy kingdom, wandering from one zone to another, and killing the generals. It comes to the point that the King of chanterelles will appear before you, and will fall in battle. If, of course, you can beat him. The main rival is protected by dozens of soldiers, and the generals are the most terrible monsters as tall as a whole house. Gradually dressing your warriors with new armor, getting weapons for them in battles, and increasing your characteristics with new levels, show yourself from the heroic side.

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