Super mario crossover 2 unblocked

Play the online game Super mario crossover 2 unblocked. Levels can be played with other classic game characters such as Mega Man and Samus.
Play the classic Mario, or choose other retro characters. Everyone who played the dandy knows this game. The feedback from our users suggests that the game is a bit different than the one used to the dandy, but you need to make a discount on the fact that all the same flash and 8-bit prefix are radically different platforms.
So, our hero has to go the hard way to get to the princess. On the way Super Mario will meet monsters on which you can jump on top and just crush them. If you jump on a turtle, then after it hides, you can still use it as a weapon, just by kicking it with your foot. You can not fight with all the monsters, because then he and Crossover, so you can jump over and leave some behind.
At the end of each level, attention is a classic, a boss is waiting for you, which is not easy to kill. Why, at level 5-6 and getting to the boss is not so easy, but you try.
Really a classic story, addictive rules, limited lives and a real old school – that’s what we love about the Super Mario Crossover game.
Control the game with a WASD keyboard or a cross. Watch your lives by breaking bricks with a question mark and try to catch the fungus, because grown Mario has an additional opportunity to stumble and not lose a life.

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