Superfighters 2 unblocked

Play fighting and interesting game Superfighters 2 unblocked. A large arena for deadly battles is already open, and many fighters set off on a journey through its corridors. This wonderful 8 cue ball offers you to try your hand at a serious tournament, where everyone speaks for himself, and your own life will be a bet in the game. Choose your favorite character, and then assign enemies. You can compete with another person, or fill all rooms with computer-controlled bots, as you prefer. And then will begin the furious action and random massacre. Getting to a good weapon first, and opening fire on the enemy, blowing up the barrels standing next to him, or simply knocking the gun out of the enemy’s hands with a powerful blow to the jaw — that’s what you have to do for the next couple of minutes, unless you die earlier. The computer here is not just smart and strong, it is generally problematic to kill it, if not properly trained. Most often, luck will be on his side, so stay away from explosive objects – the opponent will easily undermine them with a well-aimed hit, and now you are already enveloped in a flame, a hair from death. The battle will continue until only one is left alive.

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