Territory war unblocked

Online game Territory war unblocked is very popular. People will always be cruel. It is in our blood, given by nature. It has been so since time immemorial, and it continues to this day. The territory of the war to which you arrived is constantly divided between the clans. They come here to oust the current owners, and many fail to find themselves killed. But the happy winners, who managed to beat the former leader, receive all the profits. Now there is no time to share money, but it’s time to start a deadly battle with the enemy. Create a team under the sonorous name. It will consist of three guys who do not pity themselves for the common good. Each of them carries a rifle, a pair of grenades. The territory of the war is a jumble of barriers, barriers, elevated platforms. In the middle of it may gap gap, interfering to move in the usual way. But jumps allow you to get close. And there already affairs are solved quickly, with one shot in the head. Destroy all rivals before they are done with you. You will take turns. First you perform the action, then the enemy responds in the same way. The chances are about equal, but the numerical advantage often turns out to be the opposite. However, the opportunity to win is always given.

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