The skullkid

Office work can be highly paid, but it has too many flaws. The skullkid is a nice game. And the first is boredom. The monotony of what is happening, the daily mountains of papers in folders, files, computer programs with the hardest black and white interface – you just want to climb on this wall. And the work gradually becomes unbearable. And you can not quit, because you have to somehow pay the bills. As a result, unforeseen situations can occur. But the chainsaw solves problems, because it is she who is able to save you from all the annoying things at once. One emaciated worker, whose face from lack of sleep and longing turned into a skull, took his favorite saw to work. And instead of scribbling mountains of reports, he decided to wipe out everything in the office clean. The first victims were pieces of furniture. Following this, the turn came to settle accounts with his colleagues and superiors. The chainsaw solves problems very simply, and after it comes the time of the pistol. Firearms are also available to the big bosses, so you can’t get rid of them easily. A scuffle ensues, in which our skull guy is bound to win. After all, if he is defeated, after some time the office work will return to normal, and many other people will suffer from boredom.

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