Urban basketball unblocked

Play Urban basketball unblocked game online. If some tanned muscular guy would have told you that there is no better game for the warm season than street basketball, he would not be far from the truth. In fact, this sport assumes the presence of both a team game, personal achievements, and great dynamics. At the same time, the rules remain very simple, which allows you to quickly get involved in the process, even if you are a beginner. Just throw the ball in the basket, and you will move one step further than your opponent. This will happen very often, since the distance from the ring to the ring is not so great. Run the entire field in one fell swoop, and then make a single accurate throw – such skills will be enough to achieve mastery. Play street basketball, and get a lot of fun from the process. The size of the team is also very small. Only two people on each side is enough for a match. Choose the main character, as well as his assistant, who will act completely independently. You will have to manage only one guy, so that no problems in this regard just will not meet. Attack and defend, jump higher and further opponents, and try not to miss – this is a guarantee of victory.

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