Warfare 1944 unblocked

The Warfare 1944 unblocked is a nice game. One of the most significant is the military confrontation of 1944, when the second front opened, which allowed the destruction of Nazi Germany. The landing in Normandy was long planned by the Allied forces. On the one hand, the powerful army of the USSR crushed the adversary, on the other hand they tried with all their might to resist the gathering of Americans, British and isolated French forces. The Nazis, who settled in bunkers, which were supplied with machine gun installations, grenade launchers and defended by snipers, organized a notable massacre on the coast of the English Channel. The soldiers were mowed down like wheat, the meat was scattered all over the beach and there was no square meter of land not spotted by high-explosive shells. Anti-tank hedgehogs, established by supporters of the Third Reich, did not allow heavy armored vehicles to advance deep into the mainland. Therefore, ordinary people went into battle, holding in their hands rifles, machine guns, grenades. Support from the air was carried out only occasionally, but it was enough for brave brave men to break through the line of defense of the enemy. After the landing, the assault on the railway stations, where the Nazi aid arrived, as well as the ammunition depots used for bombing the defenders of Europe, will begin.

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