Zombotron unblocked

Zombotron Friv unblocked Game – novel earlier a planet which received the name because of the unique inhabitants who have actively occupied its open spaces. All began with that one confidential military and astronomical laboratory on a planet Earth, received and deciphered the strange signals which are starting with heavenly depths. Something was gone to them about new race, nuclear development and interplanetary war. In rather, on coordinates of the received signals, on an unknown planet the best team of astronauts in in head with the captain which role dropped out honor to play to you was sent.
On arrival, the decision not to suppress spaceship motors was made, and on investigation of the territory to send the most skilled fighter as much as possible to secure team and not to break mission. And it was really correct decision, after all on Zombotron you are expected by weight not hospitable inhabitants, a heap of surprises and traps.


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