Age of war 3 unblocked Friv

If you like strategic games, where you need to think a few steps forward, then the online game “Age of war 3 unblocked Friv” is probably what you need. After all, there is everything you need for good leisure: planning moves, army, battles, alien enemies, the possibility of upgrades and more. In the story, your land was captured by foreign monsters, who also dried all the rivers and lakes. Now you need to not only protect the lives of your settlement and people from terrible monsters, but also develop the dilapidated land first. That is why the strategy here is ranked first. But do not worry if you think you can not cope. After all, there are tips that lead you through the levels and in general, everything is quite simple and clear. First of all you need to build a well from which your people will get food and at the expense of
this to bring money.

With these funds you can build new buildings, such as tents for people and defensive points that will protect you from monster attacks. And opponents will attack quite often and carefully, because they are next door to you and exceed (so far) you in quantity, preparation and strength. In the main, creatures that resemble spiders that are not so easy to exterminate will attack. Build more different types of protective equipment that will allow you to last longer. Among them are homemade bows with arrows, cannons and even meteor shower. In a word, there are enough resources for the victory of the enemies in the online strategy “Age of war 3”, it only remains to apply all this correctly.

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