Armed with wings 3 unblocked

Play online and free the Armed with wings 3 unblocked game. A long narrative may soon come to an end. Armed with wings 3 is another part of the story of good and evil, honor and courage, heroes and monsters. This time the main character will be a simple lad from the village. He has not yet learned the art of battle, but he should be on his way, encountering a lot of difficulties and enemies. The brave assistants will always have the faithful falcon. The bird can inspect the area, collect all sorts of objects, to which the warrior simply would never have gotten. Switch between human and falcon modes, as the need arises. Adventures will lead you far from home, but sometimes it is worth returning to your native walls. A blacksmith can teach you many new tricks, as he himself is a very skilled fighter. Go forward, taking with you not only a lot of courage and determination, but also a sharp sword. On the way you will come across various monsters, evil soldiers, and much more. Often the passage is blocked, and then you need to come up with clever ways to open heavy mechanical doors. Finding keys, solving puzzles is also an important and long part of your adventures.

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