Battleship game online unblocked

Battleship game online unblocked – Sea waves wash the stern of the ship, and you rush forward to new adventures. Your battleship is well-armed, and ready for all the possible difficulties that will arise on its way. What about a massive battle? Having seen the enemy flotilla from afar, you decided to retreat. But not because they were scared. It would simply be silly to act alone against many courts at once. So, having enlisted the support of additional ships, you returned to the scene of action, and found the enemy to engage in a desperate and exciting battle with him. This game is built on the principles of the well-known sea battle. The field is divided into two halves – yours and the enemy. Arrange your fleet in the cells, trying to puzzle the enemy with the ingenious position of the ships so that he never finds them. Then the fight will begin, and here the strongest, most cunning and successful will survive. It is fortune that can completely deprive the opponent of the chances of winning, or vice versa – turn his back to you, prompting him the right squares. Between different levels you can buy different useful bonuses. Exploration, improved cores and much more – all this can be found in the store, if only enough earned money.

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