Bloons unblocked

Play online and free the Bloons unblocked game. In a fairy tale about the wizard of the emerald city, flying monkeys defended this magical place. But what is a monkey actually floating in the clouds? Never in my life guess. This tailed mischief, armed with darts for playing darts, knocks balloons. Given the direction of flight of your projectile and the force of its launch, you need with a minimum number of attempts to pierce as many targets as possible. At the bottom of the screen is the calculation of your results. There are special balls, as well as the opportunity to get bonus ammunition. It should not be missed. Because the monkey has only three darts, which end very quickly, especially in the case of annoying misses. How many would not be around the targets, you will hardly succeed in knocking everything down. After successfully passing the level, the percentage of the burst balls is shown on the screen. Their location is changing time after time, lining up in complex and intricate shapes. However, lest you get upset, there will be more darts too. To pass the level, you need to show unprecedented accuracy, and miss as little as possible. Conditions will change from time to time. That darts in the arsenal is not enough, the obstacles from the steel boxes will block your line of fire.

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