Combat tournament legends unblocked

Play combat tournament legends unblocked for free. These nondescript little men, in fact, are experienced fighters and professional killers. They cost nothing to take away life, not at all regretting their deeds, and then repeat this dirty business over and over again. For those who want to endlessly kill and fight, a special combat tournament has been created. It takes place in neutral territory, where unwritten magical laws apply. This land is able to resurrect the dead in battle, so that each player will fight several times under the line, and will receive at least a couple of attempts to prove his superiority. Choose your character, and enter into a bloody battle. Each man has his own weapon and a set of tricks. Simple attacks are complemented by a special combo strike. Such destructive power cannot be given just like that, therefore the energy for its use accumulates very slowly. But this attack immediately demolishes the life of the enemy, and health can not be replenished. Ahead is either absolute victory or inglorious death. No one will remember the losers, and all the laurels will go to the champion. The tournament is massive, so that one opponent does not limit the fight. Always watch your own rear, so that no one comes from the back.

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