Dad n me unblocked

Play online and free Dad n me unblocked game. Bullies are very different. Some of them seem to have come from another planet altogether. Together with his father, the main characters are now walking through the streets of human cities, and he does not want to make friends with people around him at all. He is extremely aggressive. As soon as someone appears next, immediately come to grips with him. Some guys will not mind fighting themselves, so keep your fists up and don’t let them beat you. Alternate strikes, using several different types of attacks in the correct sequence to get strong combinations. Especially useful to add direction to the blows, then your character will rush forward, grabbing enemies on the go, and throwing them on the ground. This bull, although still a child, is already capable of giving cuffs to anyone who stands in his way. Of course, people will resist, and many will be able to kick you even once. Do not run into serious trouble, or rather, you need to beat the first, not giving the enemy a chance to even come to his senses. To go through the whole city and survive while doing this, you need to be a really good and clever fighter. There is no way to replenish life here.

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