Friv unblocked

Play Friv unblocked games free and online. Sift Renegade – this is another version of the famous flash-game, the characters of which are hired killers. The player must perform numerous tasks and help the hero to kill the opponents. At the beginning of the game “Dangerous Ninja” the player will need to undergo training and prove to the computer that he is worthy of performing more complex missions.
For lovers of logical entertainment, an exciting Friv unblocked game has been created with a small but insanely cunning hero. You need to hold a nimble little mouse Jerry, past the traps that Tom has prepared for him. The player needs to lay out the road for the rodent so that the little hero can eat cheese and not get into the mousetrap.
In one great Friv game the player will have to release colored fluffy clumps. To do this, the child needs to be especially attentive and think over the moves ahead. Getting into one-color clusters of little animals, the player releases the stuck creatures.
Another unblocked Friv game will transform the hero into a true Cupid, who prepares an exceptional potion and dunks arrows into it. The task is to shoot in pairs and give them a certain feeling. Someone is worthy of love, and some characters can only hate each other. Sometimes the result is surprising and scary, then the player has to start all over again. A dog can fall in love with a girl, a child with a boy, and the boy can run away in horror.
Incarnate yourself in a cute cat in Friv unblocked game Delivery of goods in a balloon and do a lot of good deeds. People cannot collect the necessary goods themselves, and they expect help from the mustache postman. It is important to execute the order extremely quickly and then the client will be satisfied.

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