Infectonator 2 unblocked

Play online Infectonator 2 unblocked game. Japanese immunologist lives boring. A scientist works hard all day in the science laboratory, and because of the high cost of living, he cannot even be dispelled in the evening. If the government is so disrespectful to the work of a narrow specialist, so why not start the spread of viruses. When a pandemic encompasses a country, a continent or the whole world, they will definitely turn to the best among professionals, promising any material benefits for the salvation of civilization. Infectonator 2 should develop a scheme in which widespread outbreaks of an epidemic infecting humans with a zombie virus will begin. Yes, this is not at all humane and will lead to the death of almost the entire nation, but staying in poverty is also not the best option. In the laboratory, you can enhance the effect of the drug that triggers a genetic mutation. As a result, infected individuals become stronger and tougher, and their saliva sustainably tolerates environmental factors. As soon as the infection turns Japan into an anthill of fierce monsters, the government will immediately begin to scratch, inventing a solution to a terrible problem. By the way, in this battle with bureaucrats you can use virus-infected bombs or explosive devices according to the same principle used by terrorists.

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