Mutilate a doll unblocked

Play Mutilate a doll unblocked online. Got at work? Not studying at school or university? Friends have ceased to respect? In this case, the steam just needs to be released, otherwise the accumulated aggression will certainly affect someone’s health. If you throw it out, stupid people can suffer, and holding the anger inside will lead to mental disorder. In this situation, there is one simple game that allows you to get rid of the negative in a few minutes. Just destroy the doll in the most sophisticated way – tear off the head, smash the skull against the walls, tear out the limbs, throw a virtual silhouette with no feelings at all. You can grab the doll by the hand, spin it harder to create unbearable turbulence, from which the body simply flattens out in the air. It is permissible, for example, after spinning to start up on the floor like a bowling ball. I wonder if the whipping toy will be erased on a flat surface or will there remain a few pieces? By the way, you can also make fun of the remains, and here are a bunch of different torture devices! All the anger will disappear after a few games, the mood will return to normal, life will again beat the key, and not on the head.

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