Renegade racing unblocked

In Renegade racing unblocked game you will take part in the most crazy and extreme races with renegades. These professional racers love to break laws and act contrary to all rules of racing competitions. You will be in the role of one of the renegades who wants to participate in such extreme races and win! And so, you have to take part in races at certain distances, competing with other riders. The winner is the one who comes to the finish line first, but this is not so easy. Each track has a lot of springboards, coups and obstacles. To drive such a route you must have the most powerful race car, and its driver must be impassive renegade, if you are ready, then go ahead! Choose an affordable car and proceed to level one. The meaning of the race lies in the constant replenishment of various tricks with which you collect the stock of nitro. Only thanks to a stock of nitro accelerator can you outrun other renegades and come to the finish line first. It should be borne in mind that rivals will also perform tricks and get nitro, so you need to try to beat them. At each springboard, try to make the maximum number of rolls in the air, and on flat terrain, ride on the rear wheels. Remember, the more tricks – the greater the chances of winning. Earn money, buy new cars and complete levels. Good luck!

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