Tequila zombies 2 unblocked

It is necessary to battle in the extremely difficult conditions, when around one enemies thirsting for death. In Tequila zombies 2 unblocked actions begin somewhere away in the country after the whole world was treated to action of a dangerous virus. Now all dead persons became walking freaks who eat all normal people. The protagonist goes on bike on a line, but it is attacked by the zombie. Fortunately, nearby there was the smart girl, managed to rescue the character from a certain death. Now this couple will stand together against numerous zombies and to drink tequila for bravery. In the main menu you can choose any hero that then to go on war against monsters. Developers have perfectly thought over process of passage, the player it is necessary to be constantly in movement at to kill enemies from different directions.
The flash games will be completely justified during passage. After murder of many enemies useful subjects fall, but tequila will be the most desired. With its help you will put more loss and faster to crumble enemies on road. Besides a spirit it is necessary to collect first-aid sets and ammunition easier to resist during the next wave of the zombie. Opponents happen different type and it is necessary to search for ways to eliminate each of them the most effective method. Is better to shoot at a head then the loss goes maximum though some zombies can sustain some exact hits. It is necessary to operate quickly and dexterously to leave from enemies, to survive and reach the purpose. Include music more loudly and start to kill all who will dare a misfortune.

Tequila zombies 2

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