Ultimate flash sonic unblocked

If someone is going to go to the very end, regardless of all obstacles, then this is our heroic porcupine. Play Ultimate flash sonic unblocked game for free and online. The dream ultimatum is when you simply rush to the goal, headlong, and not intending to stop before any obstacles. Only ingenious traps and deadly spikes on the road can temper the ardor of a prickly hero, and there are clearly enough various enemies everywhere. Try not to fall into dangerous places, and collect as many gold rings as possible. This is very difficult, because many jewels are located in the most remote areas of the map. They can hang in the air, or simply be on such platforms, which cannot be reached in the usual ways. There will already have to jump higher than before, and tumble like crazy. But this is exactly what characters can do best. Among them there are four different porcupines to choose from, so do not hesitate and find a hero for yourself. Then begins an exciting adventure that will not let you get bored. Run, earn useful bonuses, dodge opponents, or just defeat them with a pair of powerful punches. If you fall in battle, you can always start the level over.

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