Whack your boss unblocked

Office work is the most boring job. But Whack your boss unblocked is another thing. Not for nothing such people are called plankton, in between times. They sit in their cramped offices all day long, tormented by boredom and longing. And this is good if the office is allocated, because some have only a small cabin, which only creates the illusion of isolation, but in fact is not even a normal workplace. It is not surprising that among office workers there are often psychos that annoys such a situation. Nerves just can not stand more, and it’s time to kill. And who else blame all the troubles and troubles of this world, if not on his boss. After all, it is he, as the chief, put you here, forcing you to engage in sheer nonsense from morning till night. Now imagine how many ways to kill can come up with on the go. Especially if around you are full of available tools, it is suitable for use as a weapon. Even a stapler in this matter can be a weighty argument, and with all of its, albeit small, weight fall right on the head of the guilty employer. And his guilt does not even require evidence. Use everything that you can find in the room to do justice, and just let off some steam. It’s time to kill.

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