Whack your ex unblocked

Couples are different, even very. In Whack your ex unblocked you see it. Some live together, some quarrel, and these guys seem to be happy together. True, this is manifested in them very strange. Agree to bludgeon each other at the first opportunity, to give deadly gifts, and to enjoy the torment of a loved one – a few non-standard activities. But all around is fun, and the heroes themselves drawn enjoy themselves. And maybe because they get that drawn. Cartoon people are difficult to kill, especially if the plot of the game itself is something else. Whatever they do with each other, they still come to their senses, and smile, as if nothing had happened. And there are a lot of options. On both sides of the characters, on the panel below, the buttons are located. They correspond to the gifts and surprises that the spouses present to one another. And each time such a sign of attention turns out to be something very painful and offensive. Try to view all the options in turn, each time wondering deceit or ingenuity. Such married couples search is still worth it. However, no matter what, they are happy together, and this makes the game even more fun.

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