8 ball pool unblocked

Billiards is a rather exciting and interesting game in which the player demonstrates not only his eye, but also the knowledge of such a science as geometry. After all, in order to score balls you need to correctly calculate not only the force of the blow, but also the trajectory of the balls on the table for playing billiards. Today we want to bring to your attention the game 8 Ball Pool in which you will get the opportunity to play at the billiards championship. Your task is to score 8 balls in the pocket to win the game. You can play against the computer and against another player. In front of you on the screen will be visible a table with balls located on it. You need to take a cue to choose the ball on which you will carry out the strike. Then set the impact trajectory yourself. But for the force responsible strip which is located at the top of the screen. A runner runs over it, which is already responsible for the impact force. If you calculated everything correctly, then thanks to your hit you will score the ball in the pocket.
The 8 Ball Pool game is quite interesting. With a well-designed storyline and beautifully traced graphics. Having opened 8 Ball Pool on our site you will have a great time playing billiards.

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