Bad piggies 2 unblocked

The Bad piggies 2 unblocked is a nice game. Evil birds continue the extermination of their sworn enemies. But this time they will not have to be directly involved in the slaughter. Bad pigs themselves will find the way to the next world, having fallen into pre-arranged traps. They so want to ride from a hill, and here and wooden cars, as if created for this, tuck themselves. Without thinking about where such strange things came from, bad pigs begin to descend. In fact, you will assemble all such self-made cars by yourself, equipping them in the best possible way. The catch is that under the hill nothing good awaits the birds hated by the birds. There are no brakes for transport, so they will have to get into an accident every time. Bad pigs 2 – the story of insidious deceptions. Preparing traps takes not much time, if you thoroughly understand the basic principles. You have a list of details. Each time the car will have a special design. Use all the parts that are in stock. Even without one of them, nothing will come of it. Next you have to push the victim down the hill. Sometimes you also need to roll the car to a certain place, picking up some items.

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